Iris Louisianne is part of the Zydeco Louisiana Iris Garden website, which contains extensive information on these fascinating and versatile plants.   So why a blog too?

I have long felt that a garden journal would be a good way to communicate with other gardeners about Louisiana irises and other matters.   The Zydeco website offers an iris catalog, but that enterprise, about five years old, was preceded by a hobby over many years of growing, hybridizing and enjoying Louisiana irises and many other plants.    The Iris Louisianne blog will offer a more informal way of sharing what is on my mind about gardening and irises and of hearing about the garden experiences of others.  Hopefully, it will be more like a conversation than an encyclopedia.

I’m not sure what subjects will arise.  I expect to share some of my hybridizing results, my impressions of particular garden cultivars, and what I observe in my garden, in the wild, and wherever else I happen to be. Certainly some cultural experiences will come up, both good and bad.  Every season brings both pleasant and not-so-pleasant surprises in the way plants perform, and often for mysterious reasons in both cases.

In large part, what this blog is “about” remains to be seen.   I will be as interested as anyone to see what pops up.

-Patrick O’Connor

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